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It's all about the (Champange) Glass

You may have gathered by now that we are partial to a glass or two of fizz and the good thing is these days, most venues sell it in one form or another, which is fabulous for us, however the fizz is only part of the story and actually can often not even be the main attraction.

For us what causes the most conversation, is the glass the fizz is served in. OK, so there may be some of you reading this that think WHAT! So you talk about the glass more than the fizz? Well actually, YES, sometimes we do and we have been known to avoid bars that we know have a poor glass choice and wait for it... we've sometimes paid a third more for our fizz in a venue that serves the fizz well presented.

Selecting glassware for The Fizz Boat was really important...

So it really goes without saying that selecting our glassware for The Fizz Boat, was a really important process for us and not something to be jumped into straight away. We wanted to research it a little with our potential customers and suppliers and see what they thought. Our research in all honesty was a little crude, a simple poll of 4 glass types put out on social media, asking what people's preferences were.

And you know what was really great? None of the choices were ruled out. Yes, some had more votes than others but all of them were at the party in one way or another.

What we knew wouldn't work...

We had thought of having vintage coupes on board but in all honesty, trying to walk from the bar with a couple of these in your hand and have all the contents still in the glass is difficult enough, without the sway of a boat! No thank you, so that was ruled out.

Another idea was a stemless Champagne Glass, contemporary and a great idea, as less chance of toppling over BUT it just didn't feel exciting enough, it felt more like an elegant water tumbler than something to clink, full of fizz.

Our research really helped...

However crude, the research really helped, as what it meant for us, is realising that this selection was never going to be perfect for everyone. In fact when you dig a little deeper into more industry research, the conclusion there is that while there are some technical reasons for a having a particular shaped glass, the reality is... it's whatever floats your boat... so to speak!

So what did we choose... well! It's still a work in progress, we have some glasses coming which are elegant and tulip style, a slightly shorter stem but beautiful and classy to sip your bubbles from. We love them!

Will they be the finished article? who knows but it's a great start.


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