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6 Things You May Not know About Sparkling Wines!

Well if you haven't gathered it by now, Sparkling Wines are our specialty on The Fizz Boat, anything from Champagne and English Sparkling Wine to a Sparkling Red Shiraz and of course the ever popular Prosecco.

People just love popping a cork and over 2.3 billion bottles of bubbles are produced every year so here are a few facts from us about our favourite fabulous fizz!

1. Tulip Glasses Are Best.

While tall Champagne flutes are indeed very elegant, did you know that the best way to bring out the delecate aromas and flavours of fizz is in a tulip shaped glass, gently curved to the top.

Phew well that's good to hear as that's exactly what our chosen stem is on The Fizz Boat!

2. Quavers or Champagne?

Fizz, especially Champagne is relatively low calorie and an average 125ml glass of bubbles contains around 89 Calories which is the equivalent to a bag of quavers!

So which would you prefer?

3. You can get Vegan Fizz!

With Veganism massively on the increase, there is very much an interest around Vegan friendly fizz with Moet & Chandon and Piper Heidsieck in the Champagne department and Mionetto prosecco being Vegan Friendly too!

4. The Largest Bottle Of Champagne is a Melchizedek!

In a world where everything that's better is bigger, the Midas from Armand De Brignac is no exception and their bottle of Champagne is named after a biblical King.

Called a Melchizedek which is a 30 litre vessel and holds the equivalent to 40 standard 75cl bottles of champagne and of course according the Greek Mythology everything that King Midas touched turned to gold and so this name feels very apt indeed!

5. There are 7 styles of Fizz and it's all down to sweetness!

Whether it's Cava, Prosecco, Cremant, English Sparking Wine, there are seven levels of sweetness when it comes to Fizz.

Brut Nature/Zero ( or Skinny ) equates to less than 3g of sugar.

Extra Brut is very dry with 6g of sugar

Brut - the classic and more than 90% of Champagnes are Brut with 12g of sugar

Extra Dry/Sec 12-17g of sugar

Sec 17-32g of sugar which is sweeter

Demi-Sec 32 - 50g of sugar

Doux - More than 50g and is very sweet.

Which have you tried and which do you prefer?

6. There are on average 250 million bubbles in a bottle of fizz

Did you know that there are on average 250 million bubbles in a bottle of sparking wine and the pressure in the bottle is the same pressure as that of a double decker bus tyre! No wonder it goes off with a bang when you pop the cork!

So there we have it a few fizzy facts to keep you entertained and don't forget if you would like to come on board The Fizz Boat pop a cork and sample all those wonderful bubbles in beautiful surroundings, just drop us a message for details.

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