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About Us

Who are we?


We are Louise and Aiden a local couple from Paignton with a Dartmouth heritage, with combined business experience. We love running The Fizz Boat and are very excited indeed for this new season of 2020 to begin. We are firm believers that life’s too short not to be having fun!


We have years of experience in planning, organising and hosting all sorts of events. Our love of Fizz and food makes it a perfect occasion for all to enjoy.



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Why us, why Dartmouth?


We love to share experiences with friends and families that’s exactly what The Fizz Boat is all about, bringing people together, to enjoy a great time and make memories.


The Fizz Boat opportunity seemed like a business we couldn't let slip by. Aiden's love of boats and my family ties to Dartmouth. 


We have a long family history with Dartmouth. 


Louise's late Father was born and raised in Dartmouth and grew up loving the River Dart where he would regularly swim. He worked in Dartmouth as a marine engineer. We saw this as a great opportunity to do something new and exciting and something Louise's father would have loved and been proud of her for doing.

Aiden also has a love of the River and Dartmouth and his side gig is playing in a band as a drummer who have played at local events including Dartmouth music festival and the Royal Regatta.

So here we are, finally realising our dreams, The Fizz Boat cruising the River Dart is creating magical memories for all.

Louise & Aiden

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