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Why We Think Oysters and Champagne Go So Well Together!

It's hard to think of Oysters without instantly pairing them with Champagne.

A delightfully indulgent notion, a gesture of generosity and flamboyance, sharing the ultimate in decadence with people you love... that's what comes to mind for me anyway!

We normally like Oysters clean and fresh, with a squeeze of lemon or sometimes a dash of chilli but we recently visited The Oyster Shack at Bigbury and had our Oysters with hot toppings and they were delicious!

A little courage often leads to a delightful experience!

The people we were with were a little hesitant, not ever having eaten Oysters before but with a little persuasion they tried and thoroughly enjoyed them. It just shows a little courage often leads to a delightful experience!

A natural partner to Champagne, to be enjoyed mostly on special occasions

The humble Oyster has had many personalities through the centuries, originally being eaten only by the wealthy in the 17th century but then becoming hugely popular with everyone in the mid 18th century, leading to over farming and subsequent restrictions being imposed and now while readily available they're seen somewhat as a decadent food, making them a natural partner to Champagne, to be enjoyed mostly on special occasions!

Most experts say that Oysters pair well with light, lively wines and not too well with harsh wines, heavy with tannins but the fact is that old rules are being tested everywhere and today's Oyster eaters are often seen drinking red wine with their seafood too, so it really is up to you!

We love to serve them as a pair...

However we feel that the light, tight bubbles and the freshness of Champagne are the perfect accompaniment to the salty essence of the Oyster and that's how we love to serve them... as a pair, matched perfectly, to be enjoyed with friends and especially cruising on The River Dart in the Fizz Boat!

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