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Terms & Conditions
  1. All bookings require a non refundable deposit of £10 per head (minimum £50) whichever is the greater. There may be occasion during peak periods or special events where a great deposit is required. This is at the discretion of The Fizz Boat.

  2. All bookings must be finalised and paid in full a minimum of  7 days before the cruise date.

  3. Any special dietary requirements must be provided no later than 7 days before the cruise date. We can not guarantee to accommodate any requirements received after this time.

  4. Additional items purchased during the cruise must be settled at the end of the cruise as credit is not available.

  5. If the cruise is cancelled by the lead party outside of the 7 days then only the deposit is forfeited if the cruise is cancelled within the seven day period then payment in full is required

  6. Occasionally things may happen which are totally beyond our control such as extreme weather or mechanical breakdown. If The Fizz Boat has to cancel your cruise due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given if a suitable replacement date can not be agreed. No further compensation will be given.

  7. A full safety briefing will be provided before we cruise and we would require you to pay particular attention to this for you and your parties safety.

  8. Life jackets for all passengers are available on board and The Fizz Boat strongly suggest these are worn at all times however the final decision is down to each individual and at your own risk.

  9. Children’s life jackets are available on board and each child under the age of 13 and may be required to wear them at the discretion of the skipper while cruising with us including any shore based elements. Children must be supervised at all times by adults within the party including any shore based time. 

  10. The skipper has the right to and bears the final decision to off load any person who is deemed intoxicated, abusive or breaching any element of health and safety on the boat including that of the staff and other passengers. This will be without notice and no refund will be given and may result in the cruise being terminated without refund.

  11. The skipper reserves the right to terminate the cruise without notice or refund if he determines a breach of health and safety by any member of the cruise party.

  12. The Fizz Boat accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of personal possessions while on board the boat.

  13. The fizz boat accepts no responsibility for any injury whatsoever to persons on the boat.

  14. The skipper reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to anyone who is deemed intoxicated or underage in a accordance with our alcohol policy.

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