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6 Reasons Fizz Isn’t Just For Special Occasions

Of course Champagne is the quintessential drink to celebrate special occasions but do we always have to wait for a special occasion?

1. It’s important to celebrate the simple pleasures in life!

Life's too short to have to wait for a 'special occasion' before we pop the cork on a bottle of Fizz. There are so many every day reasons to celebrate life to its full and again 'Fizz is the perfect accompaniment.

2. We've always got something to celebrate

Whether it's the end of the week, the beginning of the week or simply catching up with friends, we've always got something to celebrate and a glass of Fizz is just the ticket!

3. The bubbles are mesmerizing

If you've ever just sat and watched a glass of Fizz - obviously not for too long! - you'll know that the bubbles are mesmerising and would you believe it has exactly the same calming effect as yoga and so much cheaper!

4. It makes everything fancy!

No matter what the occasion and who you'd like to impress, do it with fizz and it makes everything so much fancier! Just listen to the comments when you pop the cork with friends.

5. It tastes simply delightful!

If for no other reason than the fresh, light sensation of bubbles dancing on the tongue and the floral bouquets leaping from the glass, it's good enough reason alone to make your glass of choice, one of Fizz!

6. You can get a bottle for less than £10!

If you're enjoying a glass at home, either alone or with friends, at prices below £10 a bottle in most supermarkets, there's no excuse for not making it Fizz.

So put sniffiness aside and put a smile on everyones face, anywhere, anytime, as you celebrate your fun side with a glass of what has become affectionately known as FIZZ.

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