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We've Got A Mooring!

We’re bubbling with excitement at the news we’ve got a mooring!

One of the huge uncertainties we faced when planning The Fizz Boat adventure was whether or not we’d get a mooring on The River Dart, as it’s widely known there’s a huge waiting list of people wanting to bring their boats to the river and who can blame them!

Dartmouth's a huge attraction for many, both on and off the water..

Of course the main reason we want to bring The Fizz Boat to The Dart is because of the outstanding natural beauty of the area and Dartmouth itself is a huge attraction for many, both on and off the water.

we forged ahead with our plans...

So when we applied for a mooring, we knew it would be touch and go as to whether we’d be lucky enough to have a mooring in-time for our launch date early in 2019 but with super confidence and heavy reliance on ‘The Law of Attraction’ we forged ahead with our plans.

And we’re delighted to report that after a visit to the Harbour Master’s Office last week, all our ducks have lined up and due to a recent ruling, giving priority to ‘Commercial Craft’ and the size of The Fizz Boat matching that of a suitable commercial mooring coming available, we’ve secured our place!

Accessible at all states of the tide...

So when The Fizz Boat arrives on The Dart around February/March

2019 we’re excited to have somewhere to keep it, close to dartmouth and accessible at all states of the tide.

Look out for The Fizz Boat, coming to a buoy near you!

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