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Cheers To The New Owners!

You never know what's round the corner, life is indeed an adventure and that's exactly what the last 12 months have been for us but now it's time to hand over the helm.

For those of you who have been following The Fizz Boat story for some time you'll know how it was nothing more than a dream earlier this year and we have proudly taken that dream and turned it into reality and dare we say, a fabulous success in its very first season on the river.

But now it's time for us to move on. Another opportunity came along and it's never at the right time but we had to decide whether to take it now or or let it pass us by and we decided, just like The Fizz Boat was an adventure, our next opportunity will be too.

So, we would like to introduce you to the brand new owners of The Fizz Boat, with immediate effect.

Louise and Aiden James

Louise and Aiden James are a local couple from Paignton and have been watching The Fizz Boat adventure from before the boat even arrived on the river, recalling watching on facebook as the covers were fitted at Galmpton, so knows every step of our journey and had no hesitation in contacting us when she saw the business was up for sale!

Louise's late father had lived in Dartmouth and regularly swam in The Dart, loving the river and local area and she saw it as a great opportunity to do something new and exciting and something she knew he would have loved too and been proud of her for doing.

Aiden too has a love of Dartmouth and the river and his side gig is being the drummer in his own band, who have played at local events including Dartmouth Music Festival in recent years.

For then next few weeks we'll be working closely with Louise and Aiden, so that they can hit the ground running and enjoy continued success with The Fizz Boat.

We're delighted the boat and business will be in very safe hands moving forward and will continue to offer enjoyment for all in the essence of its name VIVERE - Latin 'To Live' and we wish Louise and Aiden every success.

Finally we'd like to thank all the lovely people we've met along the way on our adventure on The Dart, both guests onboard and those ashore we've worked with, without whom we couldn't have done what we've done.

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