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Independent's day The Dartmouth Way!

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Did you know that 4th July every year is INDEPENDENT'S DAY in the UK?

Nothing to do with anything that went on tears ago in the USA! But a day to celebrate the millions of local independent businesses which that help to make our cities, towns and villages the individual, characterful places they are.

Dartmouth and the South Hams is blessed with loads of great examples of independent businesses, long established or recently launched but all the ideas of someone committed to living their dream and providing a product or service they believe is what others want.

Recent figures show that there are 5.6 million small businesses in the UK, making up over 99% of the private business sector, which is a whole lot of people who've taken the plunge and dedicate their lives to providing a unique service to us, the consumer.

Believe me, it's not an easy option

We've been on both sides of the counter, having been small business owners for the last 30 years and also working with literally hundreds of local independent businesses, to help them make the most of their opportunity and compete effectively with the big brands, so know exactly what's involved and believe me, it's not an easy option.

Plying their trade in sight of The River Dart...

So let's take our hats off to all those local independent retailers and service providers, especially those who ply their trade in sight of The River Dart, serving locals and visitors alike, making our town a welcoming destination for all and let them know we appreciate them for the passion they bring and value their commitment.

Did you know that if every adult in the UK spent just £5 each week in a local independent business, it would put £13.5 BILLION back into local economies, making our towns a cities better places to live.

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