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The Fizz Boat Sets Sail

We are now just over a week into our new venture and WOW what a learning curve it's been, well once the rain stopped! We have had 8 cruises up to now as I write this and we are loving every minute.

Baptism By Fire

Our adventure began on a Friday, probably the wettest Friday we have had in Dartmouth for a long time! We hosted lots of lovely local people and business owners on board for two back to back cruises as definitely what you would call a 'baptism by fire!'

It didn't just rain, it poured, people had wet coats, umbrella's and more coming on board. First learning curve, dealing with 12 wet people and making sure they were comfortable. I did mention to David about getting a small bucket for umbrella's earlier in the week but he 'poo poo'd' the idea, remind me in future just to go ahead and do it anyway.

Everyone had fun!

We welcomed Paddy, assistant wine maker from Sharpham Wines on board to host Fizz Tasting with our guests and they were treated to a selection of our sharing boards to sample too and despite the rain, the feedback was amazing with everyone saying what a fabulous time they had and didnt even notice the weather.

Conclusion, if we can do it in that weather, we can do it in any weather and our good old British resilience!

The Sun Came Out!

Saturday was a different day altogether. Still two back to back cruises for 12 but the sun was shining brightly and no battening down the hatches (or umbrella bucket) was needed! We had the sides up and the River sparkled in all its sunny glory!

It was a little more scary today as we had Lizzie MacArthur on board, former owner of The Picnic Boat and for those of you who know us, know we went on her boat after we got married in Dartmouth 10 Years ago. Of course, Lizzie knows how it all works, what can go wrong, the tides and much more but she was so lovely and helpful and left us a glowing review which you can read here.

We welcomed Phil from Castang Wines on these cruises for our Fizz Tasting and again, our guests had a great time eating, drinking and scoring our Fizz.

So overall a fabulous start to our season on the water, pursuing our dream and sharing it with those who have helped us along the way.

The Winning Fizz Was...

Oh and if you're wondering which fizz scored best, well you won't be surprised to hear that all our fizz scored highly but the Sharpham Blanc was loved the most!

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