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Look What Was On The Dart This Weekend

One of the fantastic things about The River Dart is its attraction of the spectacular and the ever changing scenery!

It's not only the seasons that changeThe River Dart, with the leaves on the trees forming a plush green backdrop to the river above Noss and the swelling number of leisure craft occupying the moorings south towards the sea but the increasing regularity of visiting Super Yachts adds to the spectacular views greeting visitors as they approach the embankment on arrival.

Over the years, we've seen Warships, Cruise Ships and Super Yachts as well as the constant stream of resident and visiting beauties adding to the magic of Dartmouth and the River Dart.

It's a few years since we personally saw our first Super Yacht on The Dart, The Lady Lara but this year so far has seen a bumper crop of visitors and some spectacular yachts to boot!

Super Yacht Lady Lara
Lady Lara in Dartmouth prior to crossing The Atlantic

The latest visitor is a gorgeous looking super yacht CLOUDBREAK 72.5 meters in length and available for charter at a mere €750,000 per week, accommodating 12 guests in luxury and served by 22 crew. This one has to be my favourite so far this year!

Super Yacht CloudBreak
CloudBreak Visiting Dartmouth June 2019

And only a couple of weeks ago it was the turn of Kamaxitha, a totally different but equally stunning example of modern super yacht design.

Sailing Super Yacht Kamaxitha
Kamaxitha in for a few days in May 2019

This is what I love about Dartmouth and why it's such a privilege to call this place home right now.

You never know just what awaits you as you arrive on the river and whether you live here, you've visited many times or it's you first visit, there's always lots to see and enjoy on The River Dart and we love sharing it with our guests on The Fizz Boat!

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