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How to enjoy The River Dart if you don’t own a boat!

Dartmouth attracts thousands of visitors every year, people from all backgrounds and walks of life but non will fail to be awed by the sheer natural beauty of the setting, caressing the banks of The River Dart.

And while many visitors will be in their own boats, many more won't but would still love to enjoy the experience from the water and there are many ways that can be achieved, whatever your experience or budget.

Here are some ways we recommend anyone can enjoy the beauty of Dartmouth from the water:

The Fizz Boat

Brand new on TheDart in 2019, The Fizz Boat is available for pre-booked private cruises for up to 12 people, to enjoy the natural beauty of the river from the sea to Totnes, peacefully sailing between its Oak lined banks, sharing great food and of course enjoying a glass or two of your favourite Fizz!

This will be a favourite cruise for regular visitors who want to share time with friends and family in a place they know and love.

Greenway Ferries

Greenway ferries run a regular river cruise from Dartmouth and ferry from Dittisham to Greenway House, the home of Agatha Christie and longer, scenic cruises giving you more time to take in views along the river and can be booked on the day from the riverside kiosk on The Embankment in Dartmouth as well as online.

The Dartmouth Steam Railway and Riverboat Co.

Larger ferries are operated by The Dartmouth Steam Railway and Riverboat Co., including the 'Round Robin' cruise which starts and ends in Dartmouth but takes in boat, bus and steam trains on a round trip to and from Dartmouth.

These boats are part of the River Dart DNA taking passengers up and down the river and run a regular service throughout the year.

Anchorstone Water Taxi and Dittisham Ferries

These are two fabulous ways to see the River! Both The Anchorstone Water Taxi and Dittisham Ferries have a couple of boats on the River and are ready and waiting to do exactly what they say and thats to ferry you about up and down the river, taking in the view as you go.

The Dartmouth Castle Ferry

This little boat is a delightful way to make the trip from South Embankment in Dartmouth, out to The Castle at the mouth f the river. The Dartmouth Castle Ferry can be booked for a return trip or simply one way, having walked out to enjoy coffee and cakes at The Castle Tea Rooms.

Dartmouth Boat Hire Centre

For those a little more adventurous and wanting to experience the thrill of driving your own boat up the river, there's always Dartmouth Boat Hire Centre, hiring small day boats of various sizes to suit your needs and manageable by anyone who fancies the lure of the river and freedom to explore where they want, within reason!

Seat With A View

and finally if you don't want to jump on a boat itself, there are many vantage points to enjoy the beautiful River Dart from along the embankment including The Anchorstone Cafe, my personal favourite to enjoy home made granola and a gorgeous coffee, Cloud Nine Bar at Dart Marina and Platform One who would all be more than delighted for you to join them and while away an hour or so watching the river.

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