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Collect Memories, Not Things

What would you like for Christmas?

You know that feeling when you’re asked what you’d like for Christmas or your birthday? If you’re anything like me, I never know! Similarly knowing what to buy for others can be a lottery, will they like it, will it fit and is it what they wanted?

Give ‘experiences’ as gifts...

For some time now Gaynor and Me have chosen to give ‘experiences’ as gifts, something we can share as a couple. You see sharing is something we really enjoy, whether it’s food, wine, visiting somewhere we love or have never been before, it gives us the opportunity to spend time enjoying something together.

If you’ve recently moved house like us, then you’ll recognise the word ‘clutter’, you don’t realise the amount of clutter you accumulate over time, we found things we’d forgotten we had! So what’s the point in buying more and more stuff?

The Fizz Boat was the natural thing to do...

The concept of The Fizz Boat was borne out of our love of sharing, so being able to give other people the opportunity to experience and share the things we love was the natural thing to do.

Cruising together, in contemporary style on the beautiful River Dart, while enjoying sharing food and good wine is our idea of perfection and sharing it with family and friends just adds an extra dimension.

You see, for years now, ever since we were married at The Dart Marina in 2008, we’ve talked about living in Dartmouth. I love boats and we both wanted to continue to use the skills and experiences we’ve picked up through years in business, so combining all those things makes perfect sense.

Make memories to treasure

When you enjoy moments of happiness shared with others, they become memories to treasure that have far more value than anything material you can buy.

Choose the gift of experiences...

So our aim on The Fizz Boat, is to encourage other people just like us to choose the gift of ‘experience’ over ‘stuff’ and take the opportunity of making memories they’ll enjoy recalling whenever they’re together with friends, for years to come.

Collect memories, not things!

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