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Claiming Victory on The Dart

Imagine our surprise and excitement when we found out one of our guests onboard The Fizz Boat was an author, whose books we'd both read and enjoyed!

A couple of years ago while on holiday and knowing our love for Dartmouth, Gaynor decided to google books relating to Dartmouth, for a little light holiday distraction and found a series of romantic comedies written and set in Dartmouth by a local woman living and working in Dartmouth.

Then yesterday, after welcoming our guests onboard and in conversation, quickly establishing a common link to having worked at Britannia Royal Naval College, a chance gust of wind caused a splash of Champagne to hit the lady full in the face, prompting a roar of laughter and the comment 'great content for your next book!'

That's when I first started to put two and two together!

'An Officer and a Gentleman Wanted'

The first book 'An Officer and a Gentleman Wanted' was a fiction based on ideas formed while working at The Naval College, prompting her to promise to write all about it one day!

Later books, again 'Rom Coms', Claiming Victory, Chasing Victory, All For Victory and Sweet Victory chronicle the life and antics of a young local girl, the daughter of a bumbling old retired Admiral, looking for love and talks in depth about local pubs, events and places of interest, like The Cherub, Music Festival and local shops and Galleries, so again really engaging for anyone who knows Dartmouth.

So which is the Admiral's house?

The funny thing is, we'd only been discussing the books recently on the boat, wondering which houses visible from the river were the ones referred to in the books, so imagine our surprise and excitement to find out the person who'd booked our latest cruise was none other then the author herself Beverley Watts, bringing her Mother and family onboard for a special treat!

Picking up hints from snippets of conversation and putting two and two together forced me ask the question, as I was certain our guest and the author were one and the same person, I couldn't just let it go and for ever be unsure.

It's great to welcome guests onboard...

It's great to welcome all our guests onboard The Fizz Boat, Dartmouth and find out more about them but it's something special when it's someone you already feel you know from having read their books.

All the books mentioned above are available on Amazon and for anyone who knows Dartmouth make a great holiday read!

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