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Food That Brings People Together

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love to share.

We share all sorts of things but our great love is sharing food; you know, the sort of sharing that involves chatting, eating and having fun.

So we think bringing people together for food, fizz and friendship is the best thing in the world and that’s what we’ll be doing on The Fizz Boat.

Our cruises on The River Dart will be aimed at people like you, who love great food, a glass of fizz and the opportunity to spend time with friends and family in a magical setting.

What food sharing boards would you like to see on The Fizz Boat?

We've got some great ideas for food sharing boards and look forward to telling you about them in the New Year but we’d love to hear your thoughts about what makes a great sharing experience, in particular what food sharing boards you’d like to see on The Fizz Boat.

Our theme is contemporary, on the river and British, bringing great food together with British Fizz, making memories that last a lifetime!

We’re looking forward to sharing more as we get closer to the launch!

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