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It's been a sloe, winey sort of weekend!

Well what a fabulous weekend, we have certainly done the rounds of local businesses.

We started with a little pit stop of coffee at Bayards Cove Inn, we headed to a wine tasting at Michael Sutton's Cellars. We met Jonathan from Michael Sutton's at a local business networking event and he said he had 'open house' for wine tasting this weekend so off we popped.

Its certainly not a place you would come across easily and need to know it’s there as it’s off the beaten track but now we do know, we will absolutely be back. In fact we are off there on Thursday with the Dartmouth Business Club for their Christmas Party and really looking forward to that!

We tasted some amazing wines, apart from Fizz of course, our usual choice of wine is Spanish Red so it was refreshing to try some French wines and I have always had an aversion to Chardonnay but was encouraged to try a Chardonnay by Jonathan, his theory is that someone not liking a particular wine is usually because they have usually had a particularly bad quality one.

I am pleased to say he was right and while its never going to be my wine of choice, I didn't drink it at all with the usual shudder and screwed up eyes I would normally have.

Sunday, included a little more alcohol as we embarked on testing a recipe for our 2019 Winter cruise...all in the name of research of course!

Our Mulled Sloe Gin was amazing and you can find the recipe here and we look forward to serving it on board The Fizz Boat in 2019.

Our final stop off was at Saveurs Dartmouth for coffee and a mince pie. So very tempted by so many things but as its Christmas, what better way to enjoy a coffee than with one of their gorgeous, sweet, crisp pastry mince pies! Santa even joined in the fun too!

Its been a fabulous weekend in Dartmouth with 'Buy Local' food and drink at its best, we have met up with some lovely people, passed the time of day, enjoyed a tipple (or two ) and relaxed and enjoyed the building festive spirit.

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